Grade 000

In Grade 000 a loving and caring environment is created so that learners feel at home and optimal learning can take place. The Grade 000 learners, young as they are, follow a structured programme every day.

Each classroom has a fulltime assistant to help in giving the learners support throughout the day.

In the mornings learners enjoy some free play until the official school day starts. Play allows one of the best opportunities to explore and learn. An interesting sensory tray is put out to play with during free play.

At 7h45 the official school day starts with Morning Ring. This is the time when the theme for the week is discussed. Learners are encouraged to share their knowledge and thoughts during these discussions. The learners enjoy learning songs and poems related to the theme. Learners are taught about concepts such as the seasons, days of the week, the months of the year and counting. We also use Letterland and its interesting characters as a fun way to teach the alphabet.

Then it’s time for creative activities; colouring in with various mediums, painting with various mediums, and cutting, tearing, pasting and 3D construction. A large variety of activities are used to build on all the different areas of the learner’s development. Fine motor activities are presented every day as these are instrumental in the learner’s muscle development.

At snack time the learners are served a snack consisting of various sandwiches, fruit and water before play time. We ensure sun-screen is applied to the learners before they go out to play and they wear their brown Montrose hat. Learners are free to play on the climbing equipment, with balls, hula-hoops, in the sand pit, water tray, fantasy area, swings and much more.

After playtime there is a language ring where the learners learn about the different letters and their sounds. The learners engage in activities such as puzzle building, threading, playing with construction toys and number games.

We end off the school day with a story related to the theme. During and after the story we engage with the learners about the story’s content. The day ends at 12h00.