Grade 00

Grade 00 learners follow a structured programme which, also, still offers lots of opportunities for free play. The aim is to expose the learners to a variety of activities, each one designed to optimise their learning experiences.

In the morning learners engage in free play until the official school day starts. Free play is important for all learners as they still learn many things through play. It also offers an opportunity to work on social skills. Daily a sensory tray with interesting things is put out for everyone to explore.

The day starts at 07h45 with a Morning Ring in which the theme for the week is discussed. We talk about weather, the seasons, days of the week and the months of the year during this time. Learners are encouraged to share their knowledge and thoughts during these discussions.

Every Monday learners are given the opportunity to share their weekend news with the class. Every Friday learners are given the opportunity to bring ‘Show and Tell’. Learners are encouraged to bring something related to the theme to share with the class. These activities help build the learner’s self-confidence in speaking in front of people and in sharing their own ideas.

Creative activities are explored by learners; colouring in and painting with various mediums, cutting, tearing, pasting and 3D construction. We include a large variety of activities to build on all the different areas of the learner’s development. We also include many pre-writing activities as well as an introduction to writing.

During play time learners are free to play with what they choose; climbing equipment, balls, hula-hoops, sand pit, water tray, fantasy equipment, swings and many other activities on offer.

After play time we have another ring which is either, a language or a mathematics ring. We teach the different letters and their sounds. We also teach mathematical concepts using concrete objects, as learners learn best through experience. Then we do activities such as puzzle building, threading, patterns and number games.

School ends at 12h30 with a story related to the theme. During and after the story we make sure we engage with the learners about the story’s content.