About Us

Although closely associated with Montrose Primary school for the past 16 years, Montrose Pre-Primary School is a private pre-primary school.

The school offers Grade R classes for learners entering into Grade 1 the following year, as well as Grade 00 and Grade 000 classes.

The school is ideally positioned in Parkmore, close to the Sandton CBD.

Our fully qualified teachers feel that it is a privilege to share the learning experiences of small children. The classroom will be a home away from home. Each day is planned so that there are numerous opportunities for individual attention and for participation in groups activities. The many learning experiences are presented through thematic teaching throughout the year and we value and encourage parental support.


“Achieving excellence without yielding”


To set a positive example in education by promoting self-discipline and excellence in learning, whilst at the same time developing a sense of uniqueness in a stimulating environment that instils responsibility and pride.

Montrose Values

Montrose Pre Primary School Values
Our values, are shared by Montrose Primary School, form the core of Montrose Pre-Primary School and are not negotiable.


•  Our learners and parents are treated with respect, patience and care.
•  All families are equally important to the school.
•  We respect individual cultural and religious views.
•  We visibly care for our environment.

Internally (Staff)

•  We take pride in our school and love what we do. We have energy, commitment and drive to succeed and we have FUN while doing it.
•  We abide by the school rules.
•  We communicate openly, freely and effectively and more importantly, we listen to one another.
•  We deal with problems discretely, decisively, calmly, respectfully and supportively.
•  We take ownership and accept accountability for everything that we do.
•  We eagerly share our knowledge, skills and experience with one another.
•  We care for one another’s well-being and when the chips are down we help and support one another
•  We give each other constructive feedback and regard conflict as a positive means to fix things that are wrong; we build rather than destruct.
•  Colleagues are treated with respect.

The Principal

Montrose Pre-Primary School officially opened in January 2000. We are a private pre-primary school which is ideally nested in Parkmore, Sandton and offers Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade R classes. We have excellent facilities, a nurturing and an aesthetically pleasing environment coupled with a vast range of extra-curricular activities that are available.

I began my journey as a student teacher at Montrose Primary and Pre-Primary School. Thereafter, I continued my educational experience and held the role of Grade and Phase Head at my previous school. The opportunity then arose for me to be an educator at Montrose Pre-Primary School. My personal experience with Montrose Pre-Primary and Primary School makes me a believer in the ethos of the school. Being part of the vibrant school culture and engaging with all stake holders makes Montrose Pre-Primary not only a school of choice, but a home away from home for learners. The school epitomises the true meaning of value-based education where our educators are passionate about learning and engaging with learners on an individual level. We believe in the holistic development of the child.

What makes Montrose Pre-Primary School different? What makes us ‘YOUR’ school of choice? The answer is easily explained: you will ‘Experience an Educational Journey of Note’ as we believe that the scope of education is broader than academics. It encompasses instilling in young minds the importance of the values of respect, kindness, responsibility, accountability and tolerance which will enable them to become valuable members in our diverse society. Learners also need to be empowered with education and become members of society that are able to think critically, are independent and have self-confidence as the end goal of education is to create learners that can stand head and shoulders above the rest”, in a world that keeps evolving. We have enthusiastic educators who embrace each learners’ individuality and create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for them. Start your journey with us from Grade 000 to Grade R which will be the ‘Beginning of your Child’s Footprint in Education’.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Ms Kumaree Padayichie

Community Outreach

Once a term we are select a charity and contribute towards it.

The Board of Directors

The school is managed by a Board of Directors who are Mrs S. Buschberger who was the Principal of Montrose Primary School for twelve years, Mrs M.J.Terblanche and Mrs L.K. Warburton.The other directors have extensive business experience as well as having served in the capacity of Chairperson of Montrose Primary School Governing Body. All Directors hold your child’s education and growth as a primary objective